Lamb Valley

Ride along quiet farm roads out to the lovely Lamb Valley tucked up against the foothills south of Capay. The winding Road 22 will take you past the Capay Cemetery, which is worth ducking into. We will meet in Winters in the Rotary Park (‘gazebo’) parking lot across from Steady Eddy’s and depart sharply at […]

Third Saturday: John’s P4 Version

The objective of this ride is to stay together as a group at a controlled pace.  Pace 4 for the out-and-back to Winters. Starting from the Westlake Plaza on Lake Blvd., we ride out to Winters via Russell and Putah Creek Roads. We continue on to climb over Cantelow, Steiger Hill and Gibson Canyon roads.  […]

Second Saturday: Lake Solano

This is a moderate paced ride going to Winters, around Lake Solano, and then returning for snacks at Steady Eddy’s Coffee House in Winters before heading home. For those who desire a shorter ride or a longer break, riders may stop at Eddy’s beforehand while other cyclists loop the lake and arrive at a later […]

Sunday Morning No Drop

The Sunday Morning No Drop is a great ride for both the beginner and the advanced cyclist, be it for endurance or recovery. This is a casual ride to Winters via County Road 29 and Buckeye Road, with very few cars. In Winters, we regroup for coffee and food at Steady Eddy’s to socialize. Options […]

Friday Morning Fast Ride

A quick ride out to Winters and perhaps around Lake Solano. Steady state riding, 16 to 20 mph. No sprints.

Friday Slower Ride to Winters

This leisurely-paced ride to Winters begins at Lake & Russell (on the bike path). We’ll regroup at least once on the way out and on the return.  No one is ever left behind.  Or out of sight, for that matter. Coffee and a brief solve-the-world’s-issues roundtable at Steady Eddys before returning to Davis. Please feel welcome to […]