Davis Bike Club Gives Back to the Community volume 2

Are you curious about the mission of The Bike Campaign and how you can help? Wil Uecker, the DBC Philanthropy Chair has written up a profile about their efforts.

The Bike Campaign Volunteers

This is the second in a series of newsletter articles featuring DBC members’ volunteer activities outside
of DBC events.

As important as it is to volunteer for DBC events, it is also important to contribute to the
larger community in which we live. This article is about the Bike Campaign, www.thebikecampaign.com,
founded by DBC member, Maria Contreras Tebbutt and the DBC members who assist in that effort.

The Bike Campaign’s mission is to educate and encourage more people in Woodland, Davis and the surrounding areas to ride their bicycles. Maria is passionate about her mission and very effective in working in the community to encourage more people to ride bicycles, not just for recreation, but also for school, work and errands. The latter are especially important to low income families who may not have ready access to automobiles, but Maria challenges all of us to use our bicycles for more than recreational riding. To make cycling more accessible to low income families, the Bike Campaign operates a Bike Garage that accepts donations of bicycles which are repaired and sold at low prices to those who might not be able to afford a bicycle otherwise.

Maria and the work of the Bike Campaign have been featured in several articles in the Davis Enterprise.
Most recently, the Bike Campaign received the City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award from the
Davis City Council. The Environmental Recognition Awards were created in 1995 by the Davis Natural
Resources Commission to honor and recognize businesses, individuals, and nonprofits for their
environmental accomplishments. The recognition that the Bike Campaign has garnered is due not only
to Maria’s drive and enthusiasm, but also to other volunteers because the Bike Campaign’s work, like
DBC events, depends heavily on volunteer efforts. Below are the experiences of some of the DBC
members who volunteer with Maria to carry out the mission of the Bike Campaign.

The most involved DBC volunteer for the Bike Campaign is Dave Joshel, who has volunteered on a
weekly basis for approximately four years, primarily as a bike mechanic, but also screening bikes
brought for donation and helping people buy bikes to fit their personal needs. He enjoys working with
people helping them learn to make simple repairs on their own. Maria views Dave as someone she
can count on to run the operation when she is out of town. More recently, Will Clarke has begun
volunteering to help with the Bike Campaign’s website and marketing efforts as well as occasionally
helping with bicycle repair work. He has created business cards for the Bike Campaign as well as
designed the tickets for the upcoming Cycle de Mayo on May 2nd. He finds most satisfying and most
challenging changing people’s perception of cycling from purely recreational to an alternative means of
transportation. He is motivated by Maria’s passion and enthusiasm.

A number of other DBC members have volunteered for special events. Ellen Winder, Jean Jackman, and
Marnelle Gleason have helped people, especially women, get comfortable riding a bike again. Women
cyclists are especially needed Saturday mornings at 10AM at the Bike Garage to lead and support group
rides which serve to reintroduce women to cycling as a means of transportation. Other DBC members
who have volunteered for the Bike Campaign are Jim Wellington, as a mechanic for special projects, Jim
Watson assisting at free bike clinics, and Roger Wilmarth repairing bikes. Ellen Winder sees the Bike
Campaign as “reaching a portion of the potential cycling population that the Davis Bike Club and Davis
Bicycles! are unlikely to attract,” making the Bike Campaign a volunteer opportunity for anyone
interested in increasing bicycle ridership in our community to have a positive impact.

Maria says that help with basic bike mechanics as well as hosts/riding enthusiasts (can adjust a
helmet/know the rules of the road/enjoy helping a beginner) are needed, especially now that the Bike
Campaign is providing more FREE BIKE CLINICS in Davis. Upcoming events for which volunteers may be
needed are listed below. To volunteer, contact Maria at (530) 753-1125 or funmaria@sbcglobal.net.

  • Sunday, April 26th, 2-4pm, Marguerite Montgomery Elementary, Davis, FREE BIKE CLINIC
  • Saturday, May 2, 8am-12n, Cycle De Mayo benefit bike ride. We need help the day prior to the event putting up road signs, arrows, DONATING FRUIT, and day-of event, 2-4 more Ride Guides.
  • Wednesday, May 6, Woodland Prairie Elementary, Bike to School Day & FREE BIKE CLINIC,2-4pm
  • Thursday, May 14th, 4pm-8pm, CELEBRATE DAVIS, No. Davis Park, visit our booth space featuring several family-friendly bike options in collaboration with DBC.
  • Friday, May 15th, 6-8pm, Maxwell Elementary, Woodland, FREE BIKE CLINIC & valet bike parking
  • Sunday, May 17th, 2-4pm, International House, FREE BIKE CLINIC
  • Sunday, May 24th, 12-2pm, New Harmony (Mutual Housing), So. Davis, FREE BIKE CLINIC

The Davis Bike Club provides limited financial support to The Bike Campaign, but the real potential for

significant support lies with you, the DBC membership. Marnelle Gleason comments that “Maria has a

dream and its wonderful being around such a committed person. She is upbeat, energetic, and fun!”

I hope that you will join with fellow DBC member, Maria Contreras Tebbutts, to continue and expand

the work of The Bike Campaign.

Thank you,

Wil Uecker

DBC Director of Philanthropy

Ps: If you know of DBC members actively involved in volunteer efforts in the community, please let me

hear about them.

Post Author: Simon Dvorak