Foxy’s Fall Century FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Foxy’s Fall Century ride.


Parking is available at the Veterans Community Center (start/finish). Also, you can use street parking around the area. However, please do not use the Davis High School parking lot near the football field; students will be arriving that morning to take PSAT exams. Moreover, please avoid Oak Avenue (along the football field) when you arrive; a CHP officer will be present to manage the traffic, but you will want to avoid entering that area, thank you.


The start/finish is located at 203 W. 14th Street in the Veteran’s Memorial Center in Davis. Check-in will open at 7 AM

The Veteran’s Center has requested that if you are wearing shoes with metal cleats, please remove them while you are in the center during check-in and during the post-ride dinner.

If you want to change your ride from the 100K to the 100 mile (or vise versa), inform the volunteer when you check in. If you want to upgrade from the Flat 50K, please check in at the help desk to pay the difference.

You will only need to give your name when checking in (no need to bring your confirmation receipt). Riders under the age of 18, and not riding with a parent or guardian, must bring a Liability Waiver Form signed by a parent or guardian.

You will be given a course map for your ride and a wristband to gain access to the rest stops.

After you check in, stop by for some complimentary coffee and a pastry (located in the same room).

The official check-in times are listed below.

  • The Flat 50K from 9 AM to 10 AM
  • 100K Century from 8 AM to 9 AM (total elevation gain is about 1100 feet)
  • 100 mile Century from 7 AM to 8 AM (total elevation gain is about 3500 feet)

Bike Maintenance

Although we will have volunteers on bikes, in vehicles, and at some rest stops to assist in case you have trouble, please make sure your bike tires are inflated correctly and that it has been tuned properly. If you are unsure, please stop by your local bike shop to have your bike checked.

On the Road

Please be aware that routes may have changed since the last time you rode the Foxy’s.  Please take a moment after checking in to carefully review your route map before getting on the road. If you just follow the person in front of you, you may end up on the wrong route!

The Flat 50K riders will ride to the town of Winters for an enjoyable snack at Rotary Park (closes at 1:00 PM) and return to Davis.

The 100K riders will have their first rest stop in a church parking lot on Allendale Road; please ride cautiously into and out of the parking area (closes at noon). The lunch stop is at Lake Solano.

The 100 mile riders will stop for snacks at Lake Solano, lunch in the beautiful Gordon Valley (closes at 2:30 PM), and take another break at Lake Solano (closes at 4:30 PM) before returning to Davis. Please remember that Rotary Park in Winters is not a stop for the 100 mile and 100K riders. Please follow the sign directing you to continue on Putah Creek Road to Davis.

There are three rest stops and additional water/snack stops on the 100 mile course, two on the 100 k metric course and one on the Flat 50K course. Yes, there are plenty of snacks, fruits, drinks; and you will have sandwiches at the lunch stop for both the 100 mile and 100k rides.

100K and 100 mile riders who want to drop off jackets or warmers at their first rest stops on Allendale Road (for 100K riders) and at Lake Solano (for 100 mile riders) can put those items in a drop bag that will be provided. Please put your name and phone number on the bag (no valuables please). The bags will be transported back to the start/finish by 4 PM, so that you may retrieve your personal items. Also, you are welcome to bring your own bag.

Please do not put trash in the porta potties.

Course Elevation Gain

You can view the elevation profiles of all three routes (and upload the course track to a Garmin-type device) from our Ride with GPS maps. The Course Options page contains the respective links.

Changing Your Course Selection

If you decide that you want to switch from the 100 mile ride to the 100K ride (or vise versa), please inform the volunteer when you check in. If you want to upgrade from the Flat 50K, please check in at the help desk to pay the difference.

Kids Under 12, Flat 50 k Ride

Kids under 12 ride free (with a registered adult) only for the Flat 50 k course.  They do not require separate registration tickets.  However, you will be asked to list their names when you register on Eventbrite.

Course Conditions

There are currently some road improvements in progress along some parts of our route; please be mindful of any instructions from CHP, security officers, Foxy’s corner marshals and construction personnel.

Flat 50 k riders: As you approach the town of Winters, please prepare to stop upon approaching the Winters bike/pedestrian bridge and follow personnel directions before crossing over the bridge. (Please only use the bike/pedestrian bridge to cross over Putah Creek. Then follow the bike path into Rotary Park for the rest stop).

100 mile and 100K riders: As you approach the town of Winters, please slow down as you approach the Winters bridge. Your route does not go into Winters. Instead follow personnel directions to continue on Putah Creek Road.

Road Closes

All routes will close at 6 PM. If you think you may not be able to complete the course before 6 PM, please notify a volunteer. Our SAG vehicles will assist you.

Post-Ride Meal

Your Foxy’s registration includes a delicious buffet meal in the Veteran’s Center (open from noon to 6 PM).  If you purchased a supplementary meal ticket online for someone who will not be riding, bring your Eventbrite receipt or just give your name when you enter the line (walk-ins are welcome – $10).


Showers are open from noon to 6 p.m. in the community pool adjacent to the Veteran’s Center.


After your ride, please pick up the t-shirts you purchased online at Eventbrite.  We will have a limited quantity available for sale as well at the T-shirt distribution table.


2017 Jerseys are on sale at Voler!

Free Digital Photos

Pictures will be taken by Captivating Sports Photos. They will be taken along the route. The photos will be available, free to download from your computer. To quickly find your photo(s), please note time and location it was taken.


Tickets cannot be carried over to the following year and we do not provide refunds for your registration. However, you may transfer your ticket to another individual. Many have been able to find buyers/sellers by posting in the visitor posts section of the Foxy’s Facebook Page. The original owner of the ticket must finalize the transfer by contacting the Foxy’s Director so that the registration database can be updated to show the new ticket holder’s information.  Transfer requests must be submitted no later than 3 days before the event. Send an E-mail to requesting the transfer, and provide the contact information of the new rider. To complete the transfer, the new rider must complete a Transfer & Waiver form and take it to the Help Desk on the day of the event.  Davis Bike Club will not be responsible for money transfers between buyers and sellers.

Security and Safety

While many of us enjoy riding along on a beautiful day packed together in a group, please remember that there are vehicles on the road who may not be sharing your enthusiasm. Please ride single file and let cars and other cyclists pass.

CHP and other security officers will be assisting you along the way. Please be courteous to them, they are there for your safety.

Please take advantage of our bike valet service, provided by SABA (Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates), at the start and finish of the event. Lock your bike whenever you leave it unattended, and if you see anything suspicious, let us know.


There is a KOA near Davis, located in West Sacramento.


There are various hotels to stay at in Davis.

Thank You!

The Davis Bike Club wants to say thank you for joining us and we hope that you will make Foxy’s Fall Century a regular part of your annual biking experience.