Watch That Wheel!

Probably the leading cause of bike group crashes is one rider’s front wheel touching the rear wheel of the rider ahead. And a “touch” is all it takes for the trailing rider to fall almost instantly. If rider manages to make a clean fall with minor injury, a cascade of trailing cyclists may cause a chain reaction of injured riders and damaged bikes. […]

Safety Blog: More on Group Ride Safety and Tactics

Should I pull until I’m almost exhausted? Answer: No. Team time trial studies has convincingly shown that a lead rider should ride until an arbitrary 70% of reserve energy is consumed. Then, when safety permits, step out. You’ll recover much faster when you don’t reach the point of exhaustion. Let your teammates share the load. […]

Safety Blog: Responsibilities of the Group Ride Lead Rider

The lead rider–the person who is pulling the group–has the most important role in that group. That person is most responsible for the overall safety and riding efficiency of the the entire group. Don’t worry, the responsibility is shared when each lead rider takes his/her turn as “lead-dog.” Due to its importance, we’ll devote quite […]

AB-1103 (Stop as Yield Law) Takes A Different Approach

By Phil Coleman, President, Davis Bike Club Beginning with its introduction in the California Assembly in February the so-called Bike Yield law was in trouble. Powerful lobby groups representing 32 million motorists were skeptical and resentful of proposed traffic law modifications that favored cyclists. Law enforcement spoke of the confusion and difficulty of selective enforcement, […]

Safety Blog: Cycling Safely Through Intersections

Earlier mention was made that intersections were the most hazardous point of any vehicle travel. Driver Training Instructors preach the mantra, “Left, Right, Left,” for students first learning to drive, and when approaching an intersection. Cyclists are in much greater hazard at intersections. It takes at least twice as long as a motorist for a […]

Safety Blog: Pace Line Safety and Etiquette

A “pace line” is a linear group of cyclists all drafting off the lead rider. Rotating the pace line is something discussed later, here we’ll talk about basic rules for pace lines. Not doing these things, is distracting at best, hazardous all other times. This is a topic that has countless components. We’ll begin with […]

Safety Blog: Communication

By Phil Coleman When riding alone, you’re responsible only for own safety, in a group you’re responsible for everybody’s safety. In a group, nobody sees everything in front, side, and back. Somebody sees at least one of these and has a duty to call out hazards they see. Example: The lead rider sees a car […]