Davis Double Century for 2021 will be a virtual event

The 2021 Davis Double Century will be a virtual event due to the continuing pandemic. But we will still have a T-shirt!

Hello everyone:

This year, the Davis Bike Club can only offer a virtual double century. Last year, the pandemic caught us off guard and we had to cancel the event a few weeks into the registration period. It was so very late in the process that there was nothing that we could do other than cancel the event. Since the pandemic is still with us and permitting agencies are not allowing permit applications at this time, it is not possible to offer a live event for 2021 either. Rather than canceling the DC two years in a row, we have elected to sponsor a virtual version of the event. We are aware that virtual double centuries are not “events” like live double centuries. As some conciliation we will still have the Davis Double Century T-shirt which will be mailed to you as part of your registration fee.

We assume that we will be able to return as a live event in 2022. We hope to see you in person at that time!



The rules for participating in the virtual Davis Double Century are designed to comply with the requirements laid out by the California Triple Crown so that riders may receive CTC credit for completion of their ride.

Your ride must be completed within 1 week of the regularly scheduled event. The Davis Double Century was scheduled for May 15, 2021. Therefore, a virtual double century must be completed between May 8, to May 22.

The minimum requirement for your course is 8560′ of elevation and 200 miles. If you ride 8559′ and/or 199.9 miles, it will not be accepted, (unless you are riding the ACTUAL DAVIS DOUBLE COURSE, starting and finishing at the Veterans Memorial Center in Davis. In which case your GPS miles and elevation recorded will be accepted. If you choose to do that, we’d be happy to give you pointers of where to find food, water and public restrooms. Please contact us at double-century@davisbikeclub.org)

We suggest you plan and map your ride with RWGPS, Ride With GPS is a free App. that you can use to map and plan your route. It is best to add 10% to the climbing to avoid coming up short.

Your ride must be tracked and uploaded to Strava and a link to your Strava data submitted to double-century@davisbikeclub.org within 48 hours of ride completion. 

Not accepted for CTC credit:

    1. One way courses. (200 miles of tail winds! Fun! but, no!)
    2. Stationary bike miles.
    3. Multi-day rides, must be completed within 24 hours.
    4. Manual Strava entries.

Upon receipt it will be checked for distance, altitude, and overall time. The results will be submitted to the California Triple Crown on your behalf.

Entry Fee $60.00. The Entry fee will include a post paid T-shirt. Additional T-shirts may be purchased for $20. T-shirts will be prepared after registration closes and we will have just enough printed.

Remember: Failure to comply will result in your results not being accepted for CTC credit.

Questions: double-century@davisbikeclub.org