Burdick Birthday Bash

April 29, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Community Park


Thanks to all the estimated 100+ plus participants and suppliers who made the celebration of Larry Burdick’s 80th birthday a complete success. What fun, Thanks to John Swann and his fine group of musicians, “Hardwater.” They waived their appearance fee and added live music for us to all enjoy. Family and friends of the Burdicks also were in attendance.

And particular thanks to Bertie Brouhard, the single person responsible for the origination and organization of this party. The Burdicks thank you as well.
We’re closing the books at the end of the the rental and purchase expenses. We’re also closing on donations from folks who’d like to help a little with the cost of the event. If you fit in either category, you can still send an expense chit or donation payable to Phil Coleman at 716 Kestrel Place, Davis, 95616. A full financial report will then be posted on the Club E-mail list.

Finally, avoid the rush and be the first to sign-up for Larry’s 90th Birthday Party. The only mystery is, not that Larry will still be around in ten year, it’s, “Will we?”

Post Author: David Joshel