Foxy’s Fall Century 2021


The Foxy’s Fall Century is scheduled to return for 2021.

The Davis Bike Club has sponsored the Foxy’s Fall Century annually since the late 1960’s, and it has proven to be a very popular event because of our beautiful course, the enthusiastic support of our volunteers as well as the food and amenities that the Davis Bike Club offers during this event. While we regret the Davis Bike Club was obliged to cancel the 2020 Foxy’s Fall Century for your safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the rollout of the vaccination program, we believe that it will be possible to safely hold the Foxy’s Fall Century this year. Please check back at the Davis Bike Club website or Foxy’s Facebook page for updates as situations change.

Thank you for your interest in the Foxy’s Fall Century and we hope to see you October 16, 2021! 

REGISTRATION (please scroll down on the registration page to view all options):


Davis Bike Club extends this invitation to ride and enjoy our premier late-season cycling event – Foxy’s Fall Century. Often described as the ideal first century ride, it offers challenges, distances, and scenery for riders of all levels. Always the 3rd Saturday in October.

We offer three rides:

The 100 mile Century ~3100 feet of climbing

This well-marked route takes you through parts of Yolo, Solano, and Napa counties. Enjoy flat country roads through farmland and orchards of Yolo County, and the rolling hills, lakes and vineyards of Solano and Napa Counties. The moderately challenging climbs near Lake Berryessa will reward you with thrilling descents through the forested coastal mountains. Enjoy a well earned extended descent through the vineyards of Wooden Valley to your lunch stop. On your return leg, enjoy what has become a main attraction for cyclists throughout Northern California – the picturesque, shady golden hills, oak knolls, and orchards of Pleasants Valley and Putah Creek roads. Celebrate with fellow riders this classic Fall ride with a delicious catered dinner. Rest and lunch stops along the route will keep you riding strong throughout the day. (Early Registration, $70).   A link to the 2021 100 mile century route on the RideWithGPS website is below:

100 mile route

The 100k metric Century ~1100 feet of climbing

This is a great ride for most recreational cyclists. The route follows picturesque shady rolling hills and orchards of Pleasants Valley and Putah Creek Roads, followed by lunch near Lake Solano. After lunch, the course returns to Davis through orchards and flat country roads. Then celebrate with fellow riders this classic Fall ride with a delicious catered dinner. Rest and lunch stops along the route will keep you riding strong throughout the day. (Early Registration, $70).  A link to the 2021 100 K metric century route on the RideWithGPS website is below:

100 k metric century ride

The Flat 50k ride

This flat 31 mile route follows country roads through farmland, over the iconic Stevenson Bridge and then through orchards to Winters for a relaxing break, with food and beverages in the park. Then loop back to Davis to celebrate with fellow riders, this classic Fall ride, with a delicious catered dinner. Special for Families: On this course only, Kids 12 years old and under ride free when accompanied by a registered adult ( Early Registration, $35).  A link to the 2021 Flat 50 K route on the RideWithGPS website is below:

The Flat 50 k ride

Registration for Foxy’s Fall Century is ONLINE only. Registration is capped at 1500 riders. THERE WILL BE NO DAY-OF REGISTRATION.

Start/Finish Location

Foxy’s Fall Century starts and ends at:

Veterans Memorial Center
203 East 14th Street
Davis, CA 95616

Veterans Memorial Center Map

Pandemic Safety Procedures, PLEASE READ

Due to the continued presence of the SARS-Cov-2 virus in the community, the Foxy’s Fall Century staff is taking several steps to mitigate any chance of the spread of the virus during our event should it be present. Most importantly, we feel that if you are not vaccinated, you should neither ride in, nor volunteer for, this event. Since we understand that not everyone will abide by this recommendation, we will put in place procedures to mitigate infection risks. Therefore, Foxy’s volunteers will attempt to practice good hygienic procedures around food and water to minimize the risk of virus transmission and we request that riders assist the volunteers by complying with these procedures. We request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. We are asking that everyone wear a mask at rest stops and the start/finish when not actively eating or drinking, (similar to the rules for air travel). Riders are not expected to wear masks while riding.
  2. If you need to SAG in, you will be required to wear a mask.
  3. There will be no self-serve for the riders. Riders will be served food and soda items that they wish to have by the volunteers.
  4. Likewise, riders will not be allowed to fill their own water bottles, instead we will ask that riders take the top off their water bottles and hand the bottle to the volunteer to fill.

These procedures may change as the day of the event draws closer.

Learn more

If you have any questions PLEASE READ THE FAQ section first,  If you cannot find an answer, then  contact the Foxy’s director