Foxy’s Fall Century Volunteer Appreciation Lunch and bike ride

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This year’s Foxy’s Volunteer Appreciation Lunch will occur on Saturday, October 22nd at Hooby’s Brewing in Winters between Noon and 2:00 PM.

Davis Bike Club thanks its many member and non-member volunteers by hosting this lunch and/or bike ride exclusively for volunteers of the Foxy’s Fall Century event. You are invited to lunch and to ride Foxy’s Greatest Hits, a.k.a. the ‘Round The Mountain’ ride or a 37 mile ride to Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville to return to Winters. The “Round the Mountain” starts at 9:00AM from Rotary Park in Winters. This ride includes SAG support. The 37 mile ride will start at 10:00AM. For those of you so inclined to do a different ride, please coordinate with your fellow volunteers to meet together for lunch at Hooby’s Brewing between Noon and 2:00PM.

The club will provide lunch at Hooby’s Brewing for volunteers that have signed up for the event BY END OF DAY THURSDAY (10/20/22). DBC will also provide plenty of snacks and sides for your lunch. Additional details will be posted to the DBC listserv and/or e-mailed to those who sign up as the day of the ride approaches.

Remember to sign up here to ensure proper support, food, and drink for all who wish to participate, and let us know if you intend to do the ride and/or picnic-only option. We also would like a few volunteers to help as SAG drivers and for the lunch. We look forward to celebrating your club’s successful Foxy’s Fall Century with you on Saturday!

Routes are as follows:

64 Mile Route “Around the Mountain”
37 Mile Route from Winters to Pena Adobe in Vacaville and back


2022 Foxy’s wrap-up from DBC President Robert Enzerink

“Y’all are amazing,” according to over 1100 guests that enjoyed a
spectacular 2022 Foxy’s Fall Century! Smiling throughout the beautiful day
literally from dawn ’til dusk, riders were complimentary of DBC and every
one of you. Some comments:

“It was a beautiful day and the rest stops were great.”
“You have an amazing club. You always put on a great event.”
“Wow, that meal, that was not an end-of-ride meal. That was something I
would pay good money for… at a good restaurant. Yes, definitely do that
“This is the best organized ride I’ve been on all year.”
“This was my first 100K. Wow, I loved it. Next year, I’m going to try the
hundred miler!”
“It was so cool that you had those bike SAG people. I loved that!”
What could we do better next time? “Uh… nothing. This was so fun. I
convinced my three friends here to ride this with me because Foxy’s is
always a good event and you did it again. Don’t change a thing… even the
“We PR’d this. I love this route and that you keep it the same each year.
That tailwind on the way home was awesome!” (Weather Director, take a bow.)
From a guy that crashed that I picked up and gave a ride back, “Thanks for
picking me up. It really sucks to crash because I was having such a nice
day with my buddies…. You’re the president??? Oh, man, cool. You have to
tell your whole club how great they are. You are all so nice!”
and on… and on.

So, to keep my promise, here it is: You are a great bike club and each of
you is a wonderful, nice person that contributes to a stellar cohesive
unit. A particular thank-you to our Foxy’s Director this year, David
Watkins! Clearly, every one of you represented the Davis Bike Club with
grace, diligence and kindness. I am humbled and honored to be a part of
your club.

“Foxy Grandpa” Ed Delano would be proud of all of you!
Looking forward to seeing you at the Volunteer’s Lunch and Ride!

Ride well. Continue to do good things.

Post Author: Russell Reagan