Fourth Saturday: Bill & Rob’s Excellent Adventure Rides

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The ride will vary each month, depending on weather conditions and whatever strikes the ride leaders’ fancy.

Generally, the routes are in the 40-70 mile range.  The pace is 17-20 mph on flat pavement, slower on gravel. While the leaders strive to keep the group together with periodic regroups, there is no obligation to wait.

Riders need to be self-sufficient and know the way home, if dropped. Occasional rides may include gravel or dirt roads.  Check the monthly ride notices on the DBC ride calendar for information about unusual conditions on any specific ride.

Ride Details

DescriptionA fast-paced ride, changing each month at the discretion of the ride leaders
DaysFourth Saturdays
Starts atStarting locale will change with each ride. Check the monthly notice.
Distance40 to 70 miles (more or less). Obviously, it depends on the ride.
TerrainLike the starting locale, the terrain will vary with each ride
PaceP5 - Fast (18 to 20 mph) Experienced riders; no obligation to wait.
Ride leaderRobert Enzerink & Bill Williams
Route maps

Check the monthly ride description for the appropriate route map.

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