Mondays: Shorter Tweeners Ride to Woodland

Ed Martin Series: Weekday Mornings

We take the same route as the Monday Relaxed Group, but at a Tweener pace.

This ride is for the “Tweeners” – those who prefer a pace between that of the “Fast” group and the “Relaxed” group. We’ll ride mostly between 16-18 mph, with some adjustments for wind, etc.  We’re a friendly, welcoming group of riders; please join us! Start your week off with a brisk ride north to Woodland.

We regroup as necessary to keep the ride together.

Ride Details

DescriptionA brisk-paced ride on county roads to Woodland and back to Davis. We stop for coffee and socializing at Peet's (within Raley's).
Starts atStarbucks on Lyndell Terrace
Distance20 miles
TerrainT1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento)
PaceP4 – Brisk (16-18 mph).
Ride leaderMaria Tebbutt
Route maps

Woodland Route Map

Post Author: Bill McCamy