Thursdays: Fast Group Ride to Solano Baking Company

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The Fast-Pace ride heads north then west out of Davis along County Road 29 before turning south past the Yolo County Airport. The ride continues south along Road 95 to Sievers, then dog-legs over to Schroeder Road and continues south. The route crosses Interstate 80 and heads east into Dixon and to the Solano Baking Company for a snack.  We meet the early start riders here.

After the break, the route works its way east and north to Tremont Road, east to Mace Boulevard.  It then winds through Davis to return to Starbucks (although many riders will leave the group to return to their respective homes).  On the way back to Davis, riders have the option of turning up Old Davis Road for a short cut back into town.

The pace can get especially quick along Road 95 and Schroeder, especially if there’s a good northwesterly blowing. That same northwest can make the northbound legs up Bulkley and Mace challenging.  Ride regroups as necessary to make sure no one is left behind.

A note about ‘pace’: Although this ride is designated as P5, frequently there are riders in attendance who prefer cycling at a more moderate P4 pace. It is not uncommon for a group of P4-ers to form en route and stick together for the ride. Please don’t let the advertised P5 pace keep you from joining in.  As we’ve seen, some enjoy an even faster pace.  If you’re riding at P6, don’t let us slow you down.  We’ll see you back at the barn.

Ride Details

DescriptionA faster-paced ride that stops in at the Solano Baking Company in Dixon.
Starts atTandem Properties, 3500 Anderson Road in north Davis
Distance39 miles
TerrainT1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento) Pace
PaceP5 – Fast (19 mph). Strong riders; few stops; no obligation to wait.
Ride leaderPhil Coleman
Route maps

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