Tuesdays: Tweeners Ride to South Davis

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This ride is for the “Tweeners” – those who prefer a pace between that of the “Fast” group and the “Relaxed” group. We’ll enjoy coffee and conversation with the fast group at Common Grounds before heading back into Davis.  We’ll ride mostly between 16-18 mph, with some adjustments for wind, etc.  We’re a friendly, welcoming group of riders; please join us!

Ride Details

DescriptionA moderately paced ride that circumnavigates Davis to enjoy a coffee/snack stop at Common Grounds.
Starts atWestlake Plaza shopping center on Lake Blvd
Distance23 miles
TerrainT1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento) Pace
PaceP4 – Brisk (16-18 mph). Experienced; no obligation to wait.
Ride leaderBruce Dewey
Contact emailbruced@dewspring.com
Route maps

Tuesday Tweeners Route Map 

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