Mondays: Longer Tweeners Ride to Yolo & Woodland

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This ride is for the “Tweeners” – those who prefer a pace between that of the “Fast” group and the “Relaxed” group. We’ll ride mostly between 16-18 mph, with some adjustments for wind, etc.  We’re a friendly, welcoming group of riders; please join us! Start your week off with a brisk ride north to either Yolo and Woodland.

The route heads out north and west (29, 99, 25a, 97, 25, 95, 22, 94B) and then turns east towards the very small hamlet of Yolo. From there we head south to Woodland and stop for refueling at Bella Bean (3rd & Main) and occasionally at Peet’s Coffee inside Raley’s. We return to Davis via Co Rd 99.

We regroup as necessary to keep the ride together.


Ride Details

DescriptionA ride north through Yolo to Woodland. Refueling in Woodland.
Starts atTandem Properties, 3500 Anderson Road in north Davis
Distance35 miles
TerrainT1 – Flat (Davis to Winters, Esparto, Woodland, Sacramento)
PaceP4 – Brisk (16-18 mph). Experienced; no obligation to wait.
Ride leaderBarry Bolden
Route maps

Ride to Yolo and Woodland

Post Author: Simon Dvorak