Randonneuring and Brevet Series

The DBC has been holding brevets and Grand Randonnees for over 20 years. The DBC hosts it’s “Legacy Series” a 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k brevets every year, and the Gold Rush Randonnee, a 1200k grand randonnée every four years.

Davis Bike Club’s brevet series is legendary. Our brevets are designed for the cyclist who is experienced in riding 100+ mile events and looking for longer distance challenges. Join the ranks of those who’ve completed DBC’s quadrennial Gold Rush Randonnée (1200k), or use our brevets to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris or one of the many other Grand Randonnées offered around the world.

The Spring brevet series (our legacy series) is a sequence of four increasingly longer cycling distances of 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k. These rides are sanctioned by both RUSA and Audax Club Parisian (ACP), which qualifies the rider for a number of medals.

We also offer several late-season brevet events including a 100km Populaire, a 200km point-to-point Dart, and the Last Chance/First Chance 200km brevets.

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