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Matchbook Winery

DBC riders are invited to join the Foy’s riders for a ride to Matchbook Winery.  Approx 40 miles. Starts at Foy’s parking lot in Woodland.

Thoughts on Wider road tires

editors note: 3 millimeters additional tire width may not seem like a lot. Adding 3mm of width to a 23mm tire increases the internal volume of air by 22%. this in turn allows one to lower the pressure and benefit from more shock absorption.  To take advantage of this, it also depends on the tire.… Read More »Thoughts on Wider road tires

Disc brake-Caliper brake comparison

Disc brake-Caliper brake comparison   August 2018 Summary and editing by Phil Coleman Disclaimer: Myke and Ken are local bike shop owners and bike mechanics. As with any technology, refinements are ongoing and obsolescence is inevitable. The observations and recommendations made are applicable today. Contact your local reputable bike shop for any further technical refinements… Read More »Disc brake-Caliper brake comparison

Walt Little Memorial Plaque

On Wednesday March 28th the Walt Little memorial plaque was unveiled in Winters.  For those recent to DBC, Walt was a longtime member who seemed to be friends with everyone.   Walt grew up in Winters, having the plaque in front of a popular cafe where cyclists park their bikes seems only fitting.  A large turnout… Read More »Walt Little Memorial Plaque