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DBC Mission

The objectives of the Club are:

  1. To promote interest in all aspects of bicycling to:
    • Encourage and facilitate recreational bicycling for all skill levels;
    • Encourage and facilitate bicycle racing;
    • Promote bicycling as a means of transportation
  2. To increase the awareness of the need for a safe bicycling environment and promote the practice of safe bicycling techniques
  3. To promote and protect the rights of bicyclists
  4. To express the views of members of the Club in connection with legislative and administrative proposals relating to equipment requirements for bicycles, the establishment and maintenance of bicycling facilities, traffic regulations, or other measures affecting bicycling, but not to support or oppose any political candidate
  5. To gather and publish for members information about bicycling, bicycle clubs and their activities and other information related to bicycling

DBC Race Team Mission

Our goal is to promote all disciplines of competitive cycling, offer support to all ages and abilities with a sense of teamwork, competitive spirit, and a strong sense of community

We value the opportunity for growth and development of competitive ability for all members of the team as they strive to better themselves, and represent the team, the Davis Bike Club and the sport of cycling in a positive manner to the community