Membership Fees and Terms

A list of fees for different DBC Membership levels

DBC and Race Team fees and annual membership levels*

  • Individual DBC Membership
  • 1 year = $20
  • Family DBC Membership (up to 5 people living in one residence):
  • 1 year = $30
  • Race Team Membership
  • All Race Team members must also belong to the DBC (under an Individual or Family membership).
  • Add $30/year per race team member for Adult Race Team Membership
  • College team members do not pay additional fees beyond DBC Membership (Individual or Family)
  • Junior Race Team Members do not pay additional fees beyond the DBC Family Membership (Juniors RT Members must be part of a Family Membership; Individual memberships will not be processed for individuals under 18-years old).

Membership terms and expiration

Membership terms are annual and all memberships are renewable as of January first every year. Anyone who joins or renews their membership between January 1 and September 30 will need to renew their membership on the upcoming January 1; all who join or renew between October 1 and December 31 will not need to renew their memberships on the upcoming January 1, but will need to renew on January 1 of the following year.  See the examples below to fully understand how this works:

  • e.g., 1: You join as a new member on June 30, 2018, or you are renewing your membership which expired on June 30, 2018.  Because this is before October 1, you will need to renew your membership 6 months later, on January 1, 2019.
  • e.g., 2: You join as a new member on October 15, 2018, or you are renewing your membership which expired on October 15, 2018. Because this is after October 1, your next renewal date will be January 1, 2020.

The club uses a 3rd party to perform the web-based membership system (Wild Apricot). This system requires manual intervention to process renewals that occur after October 15. In other words, even if you’ve renewed recently, until the Membership Director has an opportunity to log-in to the software and manually sets the new renewal date, you may still receive a renewal remainder or lapsed email. The emails that are sent are done via automation and will often times queue and deliver before your account is manually processed. If that occurs, don’t panic, membership renewals are reviewed regularly (typically within a week, but might be slower during the holidays) by the Membership Director and this will be manually corrected to ensure the appropriate renewal date.


At this site, you can:

  • Join the DBC or renew your DBC membership
  • Change your membership level
  • Pay online for your membership (Visa, MC, Discover)
  • Add family members (and their individual email contacts) to your DBC Family membership
  • Check and update your contact information and preferences

MAIL-IN MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION – If you would like to print out and mail in an application/renewal form with a check, you can find a printer-ready form if you click the link below. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Questions? Contact the DBC Membership Director.