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Dating back to the founding of the Davis Bike Club, its members have felt the strong obligation to give back to the community that supports its cycling-related efforts. The Club has a longstanding record of making cash donations and providing volunteer support to dozens of qualified charitable organizations in the greater Davis community. The donations are not limited to organizations supporting cycling, but also include gifts to groups addressing other societal needs.

A Philanthropy Director is a creation of the Club’s by-laws. A Philanthropy Director elected each year by the membership is responsible for disbursement of all funds determined by the Board of Directors. In past years, Philanthropy budgets have ranged in the area of $4,000-6,000 annually. Beginning in 2017, the Board authorized an increase to $15,000, plus an additional one-time award of $2,000 to Davis Community Network by the Board of Directors.

The Philanthropy Director determines which organizations receive Club donations, and the amount for each. As noted above, the Board may authorize additional philanthropic donations at any time. Such supplemental awards are drawn from the Club Reserve Fund.