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Bicycle touring is a popular activity offered by the Davis Bike Club, where we enjoy scenic travel, cycling, and social interaction. Our tours have ranged from overnight trips in the local region to excursions to foreign countries. Some have been self-supported; others have included SAG support. Routes may be linear, looped, or “hub tours” where daily rides depart from the same location.

DBC emphasizes safety, comfort, and security on club tours, on routes that are appealing to cyclists in terms of scenery and road safety. To the extent possible, tour accommodations are bike-friendly and support the need for overnight bike security. Tour leaders brief riders on known hazards, route turns that may be easy to miss, public restrooms, places to eat, and points of interest along the route. Route information is provided using the Ride With GPS app.

Club membership is required to sign up for a DBC tour. Active participation in annual DBC events staffed by volunteers is expected of tour participants.

The Club is most receptive to ideas for future tours from anybody inside or outside the organization. Tour organizers are volunteer members of DBC, thus we rely on volunteers to make our tours happen. We are always looking for new tour leaders and past tour leaders are available to guide anyone new to this role.

Planned and past tours

  • Etna Tour 2024
    Reservations for the Etna tour, 5/24 thru 5/26/2023, are now open (DBC members only.) Maria and Mark Tebbutt return to Etna for another Memorial Day weekend (7th year) in this relaxing and beautiful area. MOTEL RATES: $78+ tax for up to two people occupying the room each night.  The pet fee, is $20 per pet… Read More »Etna Tour 2024
  • Tour Ideas
    Past Tours: Here are some past tours that you might want to try to reschedule or as ideas for new tours 2008 Santana Tandems Hawaii2009, Vermont Bike tours, South Island of New Zealand.2012 Sojourne Bike tours, Vermont Bike and Brew,2013 VBT Bike and Barge Netherlands2017 Bike the Gap2019 Iron Donkey self guided bike tour of… Read More »Tour Ideas