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Brevet Start & Finish Locations

Directions to the DBC Brevets Start/Finish

Davis brevets have two starting points.

Most of our brevets of shorter length (100, 200, 300, 400k) begin and finish at the Marketplace Shopping Center, near the intersection of Highway 113 and Covell Boulevard. Here is a map of the location.

To drive to the Marketplace Shopping Center, take I-80 to Highway 113 north (to Woodland). Exit at West Covell Blvd., turn right and then immediately turn left into the shopping center. Please park to the right, near Big 5 Sporting Goods, where there are more free spaces.

Check-in will also be between the Pet store and Jack’s Urban Eats. In case of inclement weather, you’ll find check-in under the Big 5 entryway.

Our longer brevets (600k) begin and finish at the Davis Park & Ride at Mace Boulevard and Road 32A (on the North side of I-80 at Mace Blvd Exit).

To get there, take I-80 to Davis and exit at Mace Blvd. Turn north on Covell Blvd and turn right at the first intersection onto County Road 32A. You’ll see an IKEDA’S market on your right. The entrance to the Park & Ride parking lot is on your right, about 400 ft after the turn.