Bike Riding in the Nighttime

In Winter months and with bike commuters, night-time cycling is sometimes a necessity. Fortunately, there are measures to increase a cyclist’s presence and thereby minimize their chance of collision or fall.  This past generation of cyclists have benefited from the development of LED lighting. Small, lightweight units that project a powerful forward light beam rivaling […]

Color as a Bike Safety Aid

 We now return to the discussion point in Item Three, and the cyclists’ low visibility with other road users. Since cyclists suffer the greater consequence of not-being-seen, they must take necessary survival and preventive measures to increase their visibility. Clothing for cyclists is traditionally bright-colored and gaudy–for this reason. Make it a practice to wear […]

Sunday Recovery Ride

The Sunday Recovery Ride will be a recurring ride every Sunday. Starts at the bike path at the corner of Russell and Lake Blvd in west Davis. While waiting for the ride start, please do not block other users of the trail. May 28th at 9:00am, June 4th through August 27th it will leave at […]

Randonneuring and Brevet Series

Davis Bike Club’s brevet series is legendary. Our brevets are designed for the cyclist who is experienced in riding 100+ mile events and looking for longer distance challenges. Join the ranks of those who’ve completed DBC’s quadrennial Gold Rush Randonnée (1200k), or use our brevets to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris or one of the many other Grand Randonnées offered around the world.

Race Team Events

Dunlap Memorial Time Trial; Fourth of July Criterium Steve Dunlap Memorial Time Trial Fourth of July Criterium The Dunlap Time Trial is a memorial to Steve Dunlap, an inspirational DBC racer who tragically died in August 1991 from complications with asthma at a young age. This race raises money for the promotion of Junior racing […]