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Changes for the 2024 Davis Double Century

The 2024 event is essentially unchanged from the 2023 event. A few modifications have been made relative to years prior.

  1. Rest Stop #1 is moving slightly closer to the start. Instead of last year’s location near Monticello Dam, it will be at a local park on Highway 128 along Putah Creek, approximately three miles prior to the dam. Watch for the “REST STOP” sign. It will be a left turn into the parking area.
  2. Many riders requested that we report their over all finish times. So this year we will record your start and finish times and be able to report a total time. This will be optional. If you wish to be timed, you will need to report to the timer at the start/finish before you start. You must do so in person; we will not allow your friends to sign you out. All riders need to check out when they finish so that we know that you are off the course and for CA Triple Crown credit.
  3. T-shirts will be available for sale at $10 each. T-shirts will be available for purchase on the registration page. Presale will close prior to the event on April 30th, and that will determine the number of t-shirts being printed. There may be extras available for purchase during the event. Please beware that there may be none left or in very limited supply.