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Virtual Davis Double Century

June 13 update: Rider results have been submitted to CTC. The T-shirts are being printed and should be in the mail by months end.

Thank you for your participation in the Virtual Davis Double Century and for your support of the Davis Bike Club.

This year’s Davis Double Century will be a virtual event due to the continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic. While the rollout of the vaccinations is progressing well, sufficient progress will will not have been achieved by the planned May 15 ride date to allow the Davis Bike Club to plan the event with certainty of success. While we canceled the event last year, we did not wish to cancel it again in 2021. So, for that reason, we have decided to sponsor a virtual double century. But keeping in the tradition of the Davis Double Century, you will still get a T-Shirt as part of your registration fee, which will be mailed to you a few weeks after the registration closes. We look forward to having a live event again in 2022.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON MAY 15!  You will have until May 23 to complete your ride.

Riding the Virtual Davis Double Century

Rules: The rules for the virtual Davis Double Century are designed to comply with California Triple Crown (CTC) guidelines for virtual double centuries.

You can ride any course you choose, but to receive CTC credit for the ride are that you must ride a minimum of 200 miles and climb a minimum of 8,560 feet, Recognizing that GPS recorded total elevation gain can vary +/- 10% of actual, CTC will accept 90% of the target total elevation gain as acceptable, therefore, 7,704 feet total feet of recorded climbing will be accepted for CTC credit. But 7,703 feet and/or 199.9 miles will not be accepted for CTC credit! It is best to plan on climbing a minimum of 8,560 feet to avoid coming up short of elevation gain. To verify that you have met the minimum ride requirements, you must use a GPS device and submit either the GPS file recorded by the device a link to an online site (e.g. Strava) where you have uploaded the track your ride. We suggest you plan and map your ride using Ride With GPS (RWGPS), a free App that you can get at .

Not accepted for CTC credit:

  1. One way courses. (200 miles of tail winds! Fun! but, no!)
  2. Stationary bike miles.
  3. Multi-day rides, you must complete your ride within a single-24 hour period.
  4. Manual Strava entries.

The only exception to the distance and climbing rules is by riding the actual Davis Double Century course with the start/finish at the Veterans Memorial Center in Davis. If you do so, the mileage and elevation recorded on your GPS device will be accepted, even if they fall short of 200 miles and 7704 feet elevation. (The Davis Double course is actually 197.9 miles and 8,560 feet total elevation.) Here is the RWGPS route for the Davis Double course: Comments on riding the Davis Double course solo or with minimal support can be found here.

Ride Date: The virtual Double Century must be ridden between May 8 and May 23. That is, the traditional day of the event, May 15, plus or minus 1 week.

Verification: The GPS file of your ride must be submitted to: If your rides are uploaded to Strava and a link to your Strava data instead. The RWGPS or Strava Report must be upload from a bike computer that includes the map of the route ridden, miles, and feet of climbing. Online reports with “Manual Entries” which allow a rider to just enter the miles they rode will not be given CTC credit.

Riders must submit their ride data to the Ride Organizer within 48 hours of the event date. Late ride submissions will not be accepted by the California Triple Crown. THIS IS A CTC RULE! Upon receipt it will be checked for distance, elevation gain, and overall time. The results will be submitted to the California Triple Crown on your behalf.

Time Limit: 24 hours, continuous (for example not: 6hr/day over 4 days.)

Entry Fee: $50.00

Registration is now closed

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON MAY 15!  You will have until May 23 to complete your ride.

Waivers: All riders will need to sign a waiver BEFORE they ride the virtual Davis Double Century. If riders don’t sign the waiver BEFORE the ride, they will not be given credit for completing the ride. THIS IS A CTC RULE!

T-shirts:  The T-shirts will be printed after registration closes and we will print only enough to cover demand. It will be a very exclusive shirt! But this will also allow us to give you some shirt color options as well as the choice of standard or women’s style shirt. Expect arrival of the shirt to be 4-6 weeks after registration closes. You can choose the size, color and style on the registration page.

Available Colors


Rider Check list

  1. Pick your course
  2. Register
  3. Select T-shirt size, color, style
  4. Sign the Waiver!
  5. Ride between May 8 and May 23
  6. Submit your Strava or RWGPS results within 48 hours!
  7. Enjoy the T-shirt!