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Color as a Bike Safety Aid

 We now return to the discussion point in Item Three, and the cyclists’ low visibility with other road users. Since cyclists suffer the greater consequence of not-being-seen, they must take necessary survival and preventive measures to increase their visibility.

Clothing for cyclists is traditionally bright-colored and gaudy–for this reason. Make it a practice to wear garments that quickly catches the eye and have at least two contrasting colors. Black-on-black may be fashionable for a cocktail party, don’t dress that way for a bike ride.

 This color caution is even more important when ambient light is minimal or absent, or in inclement weather. Incidentally, studies have shown that red is one of the lesser visible colors in subdued lighting. Studies on the frequency of fire-truck collisions in the nighttime conclusively prove this. Bright “glowing’ pastel shades of green and yellow are far superior for announcing your presence to motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.