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Sign up for the DBC email list

Learn how to subscribe yourself to the DBC Email list, modify your account options, and unsubscribe any time by following this link

Davis Bike Club Email List Expectations

The DBC email list  exists to foster a friendly online community of people who are interested in cycling in and around Davis, California. 

Before subscribing, please read through these expectations.

The email list is managed, but not moderated, which means that there is no censorship of messages for content. It also means that information and opinions posted on the list may occasionally be upsetting to you. Some topics invite lively discourse and if you find yourself being often upset by what is posted, consider how your contributions to the list can change the list for the better. The list is open to anyone who is interested in Davis-area cycling, and who abides by the following when posting to the list:

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Be respectful:

  • Assume good intention from others
  • Do not be deliberately offensive, inflammatory, discriminatory or harassing
  • Ad hominem attacks are not allowed
  • Discussions should avoid divisive topics such as race, culture, religion, gender, and sexual preference
  • Be mindful of conflicting beliefs and opinions when political information is discussed. Ensure that the politics are related to cycling
  • Realize that this is an email list centered on bicycling, and avoid venturing far afield from the list’s objective
  • The best response to a post that upsets you is to delete it without publicly responding. Avoid inferring personal offense
  • In any heated discussion, the party who stops posting first, wins
  • Cease publicly discussing a topic when the list manager indicates that the discussion is over
  • Do not use the email list to debate these expectations

Use good email etiquette:

  • Ensure that the subject line is relevant to the message
  • Hyperlinks shall be introduced with descriptive narrative in the message body (not just the subject line)
  • Include your name at the end of each message. (Do not rely on your email address to identify you)
  • When replying to a digest email, edit the subject line, and only include the message content that is relevant to your comment Messages lacking a relevant subject line may be summarily discarded
  • Be mindful of the fact that each message posted to the list is received by hundreds of subscribers—consider sending your email only to select, interested recipients
  • Do not set your email vacation responder to post back to the list
  • Do not add other people or lists to the CC or BCC fields. This is the realm of SPAMers, and at minimum your post will be automatically held for moderation
  • Secure your personal email account with a 5Tr0nG password (seriously important, and widely ignored; this is an integral part of identity theft prevention). Your account will be immediately suspended if obvious spam originates from your email address

Use Plain Text—and only text:

  • Plain text only. Fancy formatting will not work with our email system. (Note that copy/paste actions from other sources often maintain formatting of the source material)
  • No attachments. Your message will be automatically rejected by the system if the email includes any attachment. (Yes, even the cute little graphics in your signature)
  • Images and documents need to be hosted online and linked in the email you send to the list

May I advertise?

  • Personal, bicycle-related “for sale” and “wanted” posts are appropriate
  • Commercial advertising is discouraged, with the exception of occasional discount and product-availability notices from local bicycle businesses that support the DBC
  • Notifications of events hosted by other bicycling organizations are appropriate; repeated posts of the same event are discouraged
  • Do not include commercial or non-bicycling related advertising in a signature. Local bicycle businesses are welcome to list their business’s name with their posts

In summary: Be reasonable, respectful and introspective. Failure to abide by these expectations could result in temporary or permanent removal from the email list. These expectations are purposefully vague. The subjective decisions regarding violations of expectations and possible subsequent removal will be made by the list manager. Please don’t make me do that.

You may subscribe yourself to the DBC Email list, modify your account options, and unsubscribe yourself any time