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Hookless Rims and Tire Failures

Prompted by Thomas De Gendt’s mysterious crash during Stage 5 of the UAE Tour in Abu Dhabi, Rene Herse Cycles added a blog post, discussing the potential factors involved in using hookless rim design, tire size selection, supple tire sidewalls, and using them under high temperature conditions (Abu Dhabi)

Thy conclude hookless rims and tires are fine – if:

  • You have verified your tire is compatible with your rims
  • Your rim dimensions must meet ETRTO standards
  • You check your sealant regularly
  • You watch your tire pressure

They conclude: We are confident that all tires we sell—tubeless or tubed—are safe to use on all rims that meet ETRTO standards, as long as you stay with the ETRTO-approved tire/rim width combinations. (Which we list for each tire on our website’s product pages.) So check your rims and tires and stay within the guidelines!

Rene Herse Cycles makes high-performance tires, handlebars and other components for road, all-road and gravel bikes.