March Bicycle Madness 2022

March Bicycle Madness Returns!

Forget the winter weather and get on your bike – it’s time for March Bicycle Madness! Choose your mileage goal and challenge yourself to ride your bike more than you thought possible – around town, around the county, around the world; for commuting, pleasure or any purpose — it’s up to you!

This year March Bicycle Madness event is open registration to everyone, not just DBC members!

What is March Bicycle Madness?

March Bicycle Madness is a DBC event designed to get you to ride as many miles as possible during the month of March, come rain or shine. Each rider decides when, where, and how far to ride, then records their daily distance in the March Madness Mileage Tracker for all to see. There is no upper limit, and every year a handful of riders ride up to and beyond 3,000 miles. Over the last two decades, a few intrepid riders have accumulated more than 4,000 miles during the month! To participate, register for March Bicycle Madness and pay the entrance fee, sign onto the mileage tracker, then log all your miles beginning March 1, 2022!

Proceeds from MBM go to the DBC philanthropy account, which over the years has benefited a wide range of organizations, including the Bicycle Hall of Fame, Yolo Food Bank, Davis Community Meals, DBC Helmets for Kids, and fire victim relief organizations. It’s good for you, it’s good for the club, it’s good for the community!

How to participate, rules, and assorted minutiae…

  • Complete the online registration and pay the participation fee: $20 for DBC members, free for riders under 18 (registration code = MM2022).
  • Riders under 18 years must have their registration completed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • The minimum total distance for the month is 10 miles – there is no upper limit!
  • This year membership in DBC IS required!
  • Mileage tracking is based on the honor system – on your honor you track and record the miles you ride. Please only use the tracker if you have paid the entry fee.
  • Indoor riding (spin classes, trainers, etc.) is allowed, but the maximum number of miles you can claim using this method is 1,000 miles. Indoor riding is also limited to 15 miles per hour on spin bikes, stationary bikes, etc…unless your stationary bike has an odometer that tracks actual miles per hour.
  • Only miles ridden between midnight on March 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022 at 12:59 PM are eligible to be counted.
  • Don’t pandemic: Ride solo or with your family group only, maintain at least 6 feet distance from others, wear a mask, wash your hands!

Are there prizes?

In addition to the opportunity to ride a lot of miles and get a jump on your fitness for the year, March Bicycle Madness offers gift cards for the the top three riders with the most mileage: $100 for first, $75 for second, and $50 for third place.

More Information


Contact the 2022 March Bicycle Madness Committee, Dave Joshel, Chair


Previous Winners of March Bicycle Madness:

Year Rider Miles
2022 ?You?
2021 Alan Hill 2305
2020 Darin Salk 1133
2019 Ken Johnson 1606
2018 Sharon Lage 1792
2017 Ken Johnson 2248
2016 Larry Burdick 2044
2015 Larry Burdick 2716
2014 Bob Michael 2713
2013 Larry Burdick 3102
2012 Paul Gutenberg 2202
2011 Jeff Hall 2235
2010 Ken Johnson 4500
2009 Ken Johnson 4486
2008 Larry Burdick 3131
2007 Larry Burdick 2848
2006 Caneman 3324
2005 Dan Barrus 2755
2004 Bennie Weber 4486
2003 Don Pockrandt 3605
2002 Bob Brouhard 4244
2001 Larry Burdick 3025
2000 Dan Barrus 4103
1999 Larry Burdick 3720