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“Advocacy” defined is, “An activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.” There are distinct but subtle distinctions between Advocacy and Philanthropy, which are two separate Club programs.

Advocacy’s mission is influenced by the phrase, “influence decisions  . .” While Philanthropy essentially supports charitable groups or individuals, Advocacy funds are awarded to those who   advance the cause of cycling by legislative or political action.

The second distinction between the two programs is who exercises the authority to disburse funds.  Advocacy is a responsibility given to the Club President. The President can unilaterally disburse authorized funds to organizations that meet the definition of being advocates. The President often seeks input  from the Board of Directors before disbursing Advocacy funds.

Philanthropy is governed by the Club by-laws and is under the authority of a Philanthropy Director. Refer to the “Philanthropy” sub-menu to see how that director functions and a past history of donations.