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Tour Subsidies and Volunteer Hour Requirement

An explanation for the Club policy of partial reimbursement for tours and the entry requirement for a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer labor.

Diane Richter at the Resurrection rest stop on the Davis Double Century

One of the unusual, and perhaps unique, features of Davis Bike Club tours is the policy of partially subsidizing every authorized tour based on the number of participants. In addition, Club tours have virtually no labor costs, making DBC tours arguably the best value in cycling.

Tour subsidies are generated by the annual fee-based rides and events hosted by the Club, such as the Davis Double Century and Foxy’s Fall Century. These events attract thousands of participants annually. In addition, club clothing sold in connection with the events generates additional revenue. These events are dependent on a large, active pool of DBC volunteers.

 A portion of surplus revenue from these events is allocated to the Tour account as a way of giving back to those faithful volunteers who enjoy touring. In order to ensure that subsidies are available only to those who volunteer for annual events, tour applicants must demonstrate they have worked a minimum of 8 volunteer hours in the previous year in order to join a tour.