Sunday Ride

The Sunday Ride is a recurring ride every Sunday (hence, the rather clever nomenclature). We start at the bike path at the Westlake Shopping Center on Lake Blvd in west Davis. The first Sunday of cooler fall weather to the last Sunday of May the ride starts at 9:00 am.  From the first Sunday of […]

Sunday Morning No Drop

A casual ride to Winters via County Road 29 and Buckeye Road, roads with light traffic. Coffee/snack/brunch options in Winters at Lester Farms Bakery, located on Railroad Avenue three blocks to the north of Steady Eddy’s. The group may break up somewhat before heading back to Davis via Putah Creek Road and the Russell bike […]

Friday Afternoon Ride to Winters

Join Wil on this popular Friday afternoon ride to Winters. The ride is expected to continue through the winter and early spring to take advantage of sunny and fog free afternoons. Wil will set a pace of 16-18 mph (P4). Last year, we learned that both slower (P3) and faster (P5) riders can be accommodated […]

Friday Morning Spin Ride

A brisk ride out to Winters and perhaps around Lake Solano.  Practice riding small gears and high rpm’s. Steady state riding, 16 to 18 mph.   No sprints. Group riding etiquette and  safe riding habits will be practiced .  Coffee break in Winters before returning to Davis.

Winters Dinner Ride

This is an easy-going ride to Winters.  We meet at the intersection of Lake Boulevard and the Russell bike path. The route is flat and follows the bike path to Road 95/Stevenson Bridge Road, then south to Putah Creek Road, and west into Winters.  During July we have the option in Winters to stay for live music […]