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Foxy’s Volunteer Recruitment

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Foxy’s Fall Century is the largest event of the year for the Davis Bike Club. 1500 cyclists depend on you, the volunteers, to support them as they are challenged physically and mentally to complete their cycling goals. It takes approximately 200 volunteers to put on what many have called the best supported ride in all of Northern California. Net receipts from this event allow the DBC to contribute to cycling advocacy groups and many philanthropic causes in our area.

All volunteers receive a short sleeve cotton poly designer t-shirt if they want. Also, on the Saturday one week after the event, Davis Bike Club will host a Volunteer Appreciation Picnic for all volunteers regardless of whether or not they are members. For those who wish to ride the Workers Version of the Foxy’s, choose from the 37 mile, 62 mile, or 97 mile routes, and the picnic will serve as a rest stop midway along your route. Signups for the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic and/or Bike Ride will be announced a week or two before Foxy’s.

Our Foxy’s Fall Century Organizing Team has been working to make Foxy’s 2023 the best ever. None of our work is as important as the volunteer recruitment effort going on right now. Davis Bike Club’s volunteers are known to be the most helpful and generous with their time and energy, and that’s why they get the highest praises of all aspects of our event. Please join us in making this year’s event a success.  Sign up on Signup Genius, and help to recruit your friends and family to join in the fun.


Foxy’s Fall Century 2023