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Reimbursement Policy

The DBC Race Team offers reimbursement to offset some racing expenses and to encourage racers to participate in as many races as feasible. Aside from the DBC Elite and Juniors teams which have their own budgets, all categories of riders receive the same level of race reimbursement — the goal being equitable distribution of support. DBC is a volunteer-run organization and thus racers must satisfy some nominal requirements in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Reimbursement policy is determined by the Race Team Committee each season and is dependent on the team’s budget and the number of members on the team. Since the DBC Race Team has an open membership policy, it is difficult to accurately forecast budgeting factors. The committee maintains the right to modify the reimbursement policy during the season.

The DBC Race Team supports in-district and out-of-district racing. In-district racing provides the most racing per support dollar for the team. Some of the team’s monies may be used for out-of-district support to allow DBC racers to gain experience in unique events, e.g., stage races.

In-district support

For the 2016 racing season, the DBC Race Team will reimburse the maximum percentage of pre-registration entry fees possible given budgetary constraints. Pre-registration fees include the advertised price of the race plus online fees but do not include late fees typically incurred for race-day registration. The actual percentage for reimbursement depends on the total amount of reimbursement requests that the team receives divided by the amount of money remaining in the race team budget.

Expenditures eligible for reimbursement:

  • registration fees for USAC sanctioned races
  • registration fees for in-district races (NCNCA), including road, cyclocross, mountain bike, and track races

Out-of-district race reimbursement:

Out-of-district race entry fees will be reimbursed at the same rate as in-district (see above). Each racer may also claim a reimbursement of $75 to cover expenses related to an out-of-district stage race or national championship race.

Uniform reimbursement:

DBC will reimburses the following uniform expenses — one jersey for category 4 women, and a “kit” (jersey & shorts) for category 1 – 3 men or women. To qualify for the uniform reimbursement, you must ride a minimum of ten in-district races in the respective category (or higher). Elite 1/2 and Juniors have their own uniform policies and do not qualify for additional uniform reimbursement under this policy. Also, race team board members may submit for a maximum of a single kit under this and the BOD policy.

To be eligible for race reimbursement you must:

  • Be a Davis Bike Club Race Team member in good standing when you raced the events for which you are claiming reimbursement
  • Possess a current year USAC license and be listed as racing for the Davis Bike Club Race Team
  • Race in a minimum of five in-district races as a Davis Bike Club Race Team member in the current season
  • Race in the current Davis Bike Club Race Team full kit, i.e., shorts and jersey, or skinsuit
  • Satisfy a minimum of eight hours of volunteer service to DBC in the current year

Note: If you do not have this season’s DBC uniform, please borrow one from a teammate. For races scheduled before uniform delivery, it is acceptable to wear the previous season’s uniform.

Racers must volunteer eight hours of time to Davis Bike Club events. Volunteer hours may be split among the general DBC events (Davis Double Century in May, Foxy Fall Century in October, and various ultra-distance events), or the Race Team events — Dunlap Time Trial and Fourth of July Criterium. While volunteering for the Century and Double Century is optional, racers must work at the team’s events. For the Fourth of July Criterium and Dunlap Time Trial, all racers are expected to help with the setup and cleanup efforts. If a racer is unable to volunteer at the DBC races, s/he must make prior arrangements with the Volunteer Coordinator (Jim Pavlichek for 2016) to help with other club work.

Reimbursement paperwork can be submitted anytime up through the end of the road racing season (October). The reimbursement forms are available in Excel format (preferred) which you can fill out and e-mail as an attachment. If absolutely necessary, you may print the PDF form and mail it to the team Treasurer, Craig Dinger. The forms and instructions are available here. Checks will be written and distributed to individual riders.

Activities NOT reimbursed

  • Triathlons
  • Charity rides
  • Gran fondos
  • Century/Double Century rides
  • Registration fee’s for a race that you did not show up for (ie. DNS; did not start)