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Tuesday & Thursday Race/Skills Ride

Started in 2008, the Race & Skills Ride is the place to be if you are new to racing, are an experienced racer looking to give back to the community while still getting in a workout, or want to brush up on your pack-riding skills. These rides are essentially a slower and safer “B” race ride. Pace will be less than 20 mph (33 kph) with double and single pace lines. On the way to Winters, individual pulls limited to 1 minute at the front. Experienced DBC racers lead the ride and focus on pack riding etiquette, rotating pacelines, cross-wind echelons, etc.


Every Tuesday and Thursday, starting early April and ending in early October. Start time is 6:00 pm. On Thursdays, more emphasis will be placed on basic skills. Watch this site and the DBC Race Team Communityemail list for further announcements regarding this ride. Note: rain cancels ride. For high wind days, the ride will shift to parking lot Skillz Practice.


Meet at the Starbucks (2038 Lyndell Terrace # 102 — click link for map) across from Sutter Davis Hospital. Each ride starts with introductions and a brief review of the ride format and course before rolling out.

Minimum cyclist requirements

Though previous racing experience is not a prerequisite, cyclists participating in the race skills ride should at least be capable of completing a solo, unsupported 40-mile ride over flat-to-rolling terrain at an average speed of over 15 mph with no stops.  Riders should be completely comfortable with changing a flat tire, shifting gears, and drinking/eating while riding. Bicycles should be recently tuned up and in good working order. A basic safety check will be completed at the beginning of each ride, i.e., brakes, tires, wheels, headset, cables, and shifting. Riders whose machines are not in a safe condition will be given some pointers and invited to come back after the problems have been resolved.

The skills ride include sprints at specified points. After each sprint there is a cool-down section where all riders can regroup. All riders are welcome, but when the sprint sections start, you must be comfortable with high-speed pack riding or content to ride “off-the-back.”


The ride proceeds in four segments with brief regrouping points in between:

  1. Starbucks to Yolo Co. Airport — Warm-up at a moderate, no-drop pace working on group riding skills.  Cyclists continuing on the ride past this point must be familiar enough with the area to make their own way home if they get dropped from the pack.
  2. Airport to Winters — Still working on pack riding skills but at a faster pace. Ends with a short sprint section.
  3. Putah Creek Rd — Depending on group size and experience, this will either be more structured pack riding with a sprint section at the end or a mini-race between two or more squads.
  4. Drills on Russell Blvd or Sievers-Old Davis Rd. — Depending on group size and experience, some riders may ride to the Baptist Church parking lot on Russell Blvd. for drill work or continue on the larger loop to ride as a group back to Davis via Sievers and Old Davis Rd.  The loop ride will consist of more pack riding with a short sprint section at the end.

For more information, contact Kevin McSpadden.