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Not-so-Local Ride Ideas

Meyers Grade descent off King Ridge, Sonoma

Links to maps and cue sheets for some favorite rides within an hour or two drive of Davis/Winters.

Cyclists from all over pay lots of money to touring companies who will guide them through the Napa and Sonoma wine country, up and and down the northern California coast, and around Gold Country or into the high Sierras.  These beautiful backroads are all available to you any day of the year, for the bargain price of perhaps an hour or two in the car.

We’ve compiled some of these not-so-local ride ideas into a sortable table format, with links to maps, cue sheets, and elevation profiles.  We have covered most these roads on solo rides and on club rides or tours.  Some of them are classics; some of them may not be familiar to you yet.  All are worth exploring and re-exploring.

Contact the Club Cartographer with any suggestions for additions or corrections to the information provided.

Ride name County Start Highlights Route
Terrain Miles Climbing
RWGPS link
 Fairfield-Mt George-Atlas Peak Solano, Napa  Fairfield  Wooden Valley, Silverado Country Club, Pet Cemetery  outnback climbing  45  3500 Map/Cue
 Fairfield to Vallejo Ferry (and return) Solano  Fairfield Suisun Parkway, Cordelia, Bay Trail Bike Path along I-80, Georgia Street (Vallejo)  outnback  rolling  45  2200 Map/Cue
 Big Canyon Climb from Pope Valley Napa, Lake  Pope Valley Butts Canyon, Guenoc, Middletown, Big Canyon Rd, Cobb  loop climbing  66  4800 Map/Cue
 The Avenues of Napa Napa Napa The quiet country roads around Napa-town that most tourists don’t see loop rolling 30 1000 Map/Cue
Disclaimer:  Bicycle riding comes with inherent risk.  All maps, rides and other documents listed here are for informational purposes only. The Davis Bicycle Club and the authors of any maps assume no liability for the information provided.  Research the local riding conditions before you embark on a ride.  Road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic densities vary constantly.